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          Join our Webinars

          UC is one of ten residential colleges affiliated with the University of Melbourne. We also accept students from other nearby universities.

          It can be a challenging time transitioning from high school to uni, so join us to find out more about the college experience and what it’s like to live at UC. Normally we would invite you to visit our campus, but as this isn’t possible right now, we hope you can join us virtually instead.

          If you are considering moving to Melbourne, join one of our upcoming webinars, which will answer any questions you might have about our community, services, the application process and more.

          You can either watch live, and ask any questions you may have, or you can register your details and automatically receive a recording after the event, which you can watch in your own time.

          University College – A Virtual Visit

          Date: 30th of July @ 7pm (Melbourne timezone)

          University College – A Virtual Visit

          Date: 26th of August @ 5pm (Melbourne timezone)

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